Monday, September 5, 2011

31 May 2011

Had to tell you about the birthday stuff. The party was great. I threw leis on everyone and handed out all the stuff while it was slow at the Hive Tuesday evening. So much fun. Everybody munching on candy necklaces, poking each other in the eye with the blow ticklers, popping the poppers and making our work room smell like smoke, taking goofy pictures, tossing balloons around. Good fun. Sister G and I even used leftover party stuff to decorate her trainee's room. So I'm attaching pictures of all this stuff and my new haircut.

Our roomies even made a pinata for Sister G and Sister L (whose birthday was the same day. Sister L was another roomie.). And Sister G's mom somehow got cupcakes delivered to the Beehive House for us. So good. I love red velvet now. The pictures at the restaurant are from our last pday when we went to Red Robin for her birthday. Tons of fun. And it was really fun to walk into the apartment lobby and have everyone cheer for my haircut. (Yeah, so having the limelight for a while was fun.) And for fun I'm including pictures from our walk up Ensign Peak.  You can my entire Mission Field in one photo. (which also happened on our last pday, as well as my haircut and service at the chapel. it was a really good day.)

I'll have more from this transfer and my new companion soon. Oh. Her name is Sister Mz, she's from the Philippines, she's in her 9th transfer, and we're just in a normal zone. Although she's also district leader so that's fun. It means I get to go on exchanges with Sister P from Northern England (small town near Leeds) a lot. No complaints here.

Oh. Check out these articles on the church news website. Our favorite new temple presidents:

Love the spring time!
Sister Clayton

Me and SisterG - My new haircut

Celebratory Dinner

Hiking Ensign Peak

My entire Mission in one photo!
SisterG's Birthday Cupcakes--Yum!
Party at Work!
Birthday Pinata for Sister G&L

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