Tuesday, May 29, 2012

P-Day in the Park

SisterP and I had so much fun spending our P-days in the Park.

Me and SisterP at Work....more or less

Time for P-day fun at BY Park!

Movies?  What are movies?  Oh, yeah - distractions.

BY Park

BY Park

Time to head home.  P-day can be exhausting.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Finish Strong!

I went to the Finish Strong meeting with compy, since I'm killing her this transfer.  (don't you just love mission-speak.  Killing your companion means she goes home at transfer time)

Finish Strong is basically a meeting with all departing sisters and their companions.  Sister Gillette says she always forgets the name and calls it Forever Strong, which is an equally appropriate name. (she blames it on her granddaughters wanting to take her to Forever 21 and mixing the two names.  yeah.  She was being cute in that meeting)  It is focused on not slacking off in your last few weeks.  Kind of like a pump rally in the middle of the 9th.  Right when you're getting a little stiff because you haven't moved since the 7th inning stretch and nobody's had the energy to do the wave since the home run in the 4th inning.  Something like that.  Don't ask why or where the baseball analogy came from.

We talked about what sins a missionary could commit in their last 3 weeks, why we won't do that, being strong even when you go home, companions not adding to the trunkiness.  At the end we watched the Mormon Message from Elder Holland's "None Were With Him".  (which made me think of my Dad's talk last Easter and how much I love Elder Holland)

I liked it when I went with Sister Ishijima near the end of my first transfer here.  It always seemed to be a little different every time President Holmes did it (I've killed several companions), he had smaller groups meet in his office, which was really neat.  But I really liked it that time with Sister I.  It was very personal and there were lots of tears.  We talked about being strong, but he ended with having each departing sister give us a piece of advice/what they learned that they would take home, and then he had their companions say something, too.  It was a really spiritual thing.

This one with President Gillette wasn't bad.  I learned alot to help me with the next 9 weeks.  I can't believe it is the middle of May.  Just 2 months.  Anyway.  Good meeting.

Love you all
Sister Clayton