Sunday, September 4, 2011

27 April 2011

I can hardly concentrate.  It's way too gorgeous here.  Bright, warm, bit of an occasional breeze.  Basically a typical fall/winter day in San Diego.  So we're having a picnic kind of thing while we write letters. (Yes, I put sunscreen on, Mom)  It's me and sisters G, W and dM.  I love our foursome.  We have so much fun.  And I learn alot about being a missionary from them.  We balance fun, home, work and spirit perfectly.

Seriously it is so nice out here that none of us can think straight.  I've forgotten what I was going to write.

I love President and Sister H.  I realized I haven't really told you about them.  Sister H would first want you to know that they have 59 grand and great-grandchildren.  Sister H is the best mission mom.  She is a fashion diva and loves giving kisses.  From the first night I loved her.  I knew I would love President, but I didn't realize how much.  Every time you see him you love him more.  I was nervous before my interview with him last transfer.  I can't wait for the next one.  He is such a goof.  He pretends to not like being surrounded by girls, but you can see very plainly how much he loves it.  Maybe that's why we love him - because he first loved us.  He hates when sisters go outbound.  When they come back, he says they've come home, or back to their proper mission.  He misses them so much - you can see it.  My favourite thing is when President is out on the Square.  He'll wave you over and talk to you, see how you're doing.  That happened just the other day and we were all bemoaning how fast time goes.
Basically......I love our President.

I know this work is hard.  But I know my Saviour lives and I am representing Him.  I'm learning what I need to do to not miss home.  I'm developing a love for my mission and that's how you fight homesickness.

Oh.  Have to share something that hit me in personal study the other day.  Preach My Gospel chapter 3, lesson 1 - Gospel Blesses Families.  It talks about homes established on gospel principles being a place of refuge and safety.  That sentence is in a nutshell why I miss home.  My home is based on gospel principles, so it's a refuge.  And who wants to leave the refuge and get tossed into the scary, stormy world?  But, I'm learning and loving it, so it's okay.

Nothing matters....except the love you give,
Sister Clayton

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