Monday, September 5, 2011

18 May 2011

Dear Dad
Thanks for your emails.  You always say just what I need, even if it’s not always what I want.  I think sometimes we get so wrapped up in what we need to be able to say, that we forget that their feelings are the most important thing.  And long as they feel the spirit, then we’ve really done our job.  I love the Feed My Sheep reminder.  We really are gathering the elect – the sheep that are ready to come home.  There’s one woman we’re teaching (met her at the Hive—missionary lingo for the Beehive House) who is SO prepared.  She’s the epitome of “golden”.  But that’s hard, too – when/if the people you really come to love reject it in the end.  But that’s also why faith and hope are so important.  There’s a reason they come first in the attributes chapter.
I’m listening to Sister McW singing a song on her guitar.   I love having roomies who can sing.  She’s actually singing about what we’re talking about.  Finding those few people who are searching.  I wish I could send you a recording of this.  It’s basically a typical day set to song...sorta.  Apparently it wasn’t new.  She wrote it on a day....well, one of those “I can’t do this anymore” days.  But like she said – we just keep going.  Because it is true.
I know Father is real.  He loves us and He hears every humble prayer.  Christ is His Son and my Saviour.  Joseph was not a liar, he saw God and Jesus Christ.  Every day I get to tell someone that.
Love you lots
Sister Clayton

Dear Mom
Mmmhmmm. We've already eaten one bag of cookies. And I wouldn't let my compy see the fun bag. It's going to be an awesome last-day-of-the-transfer/birthday party.  Sister G says thank you, by the way. She doesn't know what she "got" but she said to say thank you. And another huge thank you from me. The breakfast yums come just in time. We're being paid every month instead of twice a transfer so I'm running low on food. Speaking of which, I'm getting my hair cut today and we're going out for dinner to celebrate Sister G's birthday so one of those will be paid for with the card you gave me. Hope that's okay. Maybe you could let me know what stuff you do/don't want me to use it for.

Thanks for the package!! And all the stuff. Oh. Sister S was hoping it was more chicken pops. They were a HUGE hit here.

Time to go home before we get my hair cut. It's been really obnoxious with the weather warming up. Plus it's hard to do stuff with it as it is. Anyway. It'll be cute and I'll send pictures whenever my next pday happens to be. (I kinda predict it'll be the same. I figure I'll be in the Hive all summer now that they've trained me for it. But we'll see. Maybe I'll send a short note Monday so you know when to email. If me new pday is earlier in the week I'll miss a pday so it won't be till the week after that I get to write you.) Anyway. Time to go.

I love you so much, Mom. Thanks for sending my bear. I really needed him.

Sister Clayton

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