Thursday, September 29, 2011

23 July 2011 - Summer Heat Wave

Bishopric change at home, huh?  Bishop R. - you have been a wonderful influence on my life ever since you gave me my first calling in YW when you were First Counselor in the Bishopric. It was a privilege to work with you as bishop and you'll always be "bishop" to me. Especially as I prepared for my mission, your advice and help were so important. I won't forget that interview for my first temple recommend and the inspired way you prepared me for that experience.  I love and appreciate all you did as bishop.

PresidentH seems super busy right now anyway. Sister H had another foot surgery recently, lots of sisters are getting sick from dehydration, a few sisters have passed out, and Sister Ma (who had to leave the mission temporarily in her second transfer to do some medical thing at home) just got emergency surgery to have her gallbladder removed. So yeah, he's got a lot on his plate this summer.  Keep them all in your prayers.

Brother W: I'm really flattered you have my photo up in the clerk's office!  You mean a lot to us (the whole clan). We were looking at journals at Deseret Book yesterday and it made me think of when you gave me mine. All the times you've given me some talk or book or DVD, it's just little things like that that I remember. And those things let me know that even though I may not know you as well as I would like, you are really an important part of my life. Love you, Grandpa Tom.

Speaking of ward members, Sister Mg and I were up late talking about her cousins and my ward-cousins (the twins and the J-kids might as well be cousins or better).  It made me think about who's going to remember me and how much things will have changed when I get home. But I'm excited. I love being here, heart and mind (my body doesn't really have a choice), and I want to be unrecognizable when I get back. My compy actually said that's something her outbound mission president told them. If you go home and your parents still recognize you, your mission was a failure. Elder Holland said (in an address to the MTC that we watch clips from a lot) that in the age of Preach My Gospel the focus is not on converting the investigators, but converting the missionary. So I plan on coming home a new person. Even if it's subtle, even if I didn't baptize anyone (ok, there was Austin), I want to be someone who can live the gospel better than I did before.

One last thing - guess who was looking for me but missed at the Pioneer Day Concert?  Sister Stenson!  I hope she tries again!  She was a wonderful missionary in our ward and such a friend as I was preparing to serve MY mission.

Off to relax so tomorrow I can be about my Father's business.

Sister Clayton

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