Friday, September 30, 2011

30 July 2011 - Companion Birthday!

This should be an awesome birthday for Sister Mg, with the box I just got from home! I don't know if I love her more than the others (I do really miss G sometimes), but I'm learning and changing more than before and it is fun to be around her and the friends she has. I do really love her.

Thank you, Darlene. You sent an awesome letter and I'm gonna use some of what you wrote when I'm at the HC. I'll write a thank you note soon, but hopefully Mom has passed along my thanks.  You rock!

Time is still going crazy slow and fast at the same time. Days go slow and then all of a sudden the week is over and it's Wednesday again. (Yeah, weeks are measured Wed-Wed now. Surprise!) Humanitarian Center is fun. We got to be there when they had their big safety celebration this week. Three years without time-lost injury. Or something like that. No one injured bad enough to miss a day of work for 3 years. So there was Panda Express and African music. We were in and out taking care of tours since they didn't lock the doors, but it was still really fun.  Also, I love HC because the secretary used to be a Temple Square missionary sister. Recently, too, because my companion knew her pretty well. She's only been home less than a year I think. She is really fun, awesome, etc etc. She brought us cookies and shared her expensive Italian restaurant leftovers with us. Mmmmm lasagna. Miss that. I still don't really cook. Only when absolutely necessary. Lots of sandwiches, fruit, cereal, poptarts, and Blue Lemon (really good, inexpensive, good-for-you food right across the street; we don't eat out a lot, but it gets us better food than if we ate in, so don't worry.)

Things are good. Love my compy.  She makes me see what I need to improve and even though we have moments of frustration for whatever it's pretty easy to get right back to work and out of those feelings.

Love the work!

Sister Clayton

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