Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Earthquake in Japan

Just wanted to let you know we heard about the earthquake in Japan, especially since that's where my companion is from. It'll be better when people stop asking us if her family was affected. We're keeping up on the news, too. Gotta love Deseret News. President had us all informed and let the Japanese sisters call their parents to make sure they were okay. The radiation is scary, though. It's too bad that the missionaries won't be able to be in there getting involved in the clean-up. We were seeing the upside of the possibility that this would help missionary work there. The reactor stuff is kind of messing with that. Keep working on the positive. Do what we do - we look for miracles every day. No matter how small, we find them.

Oh! Temple! Went to my first session at the Salt Lake Temple this morning. Awesome. We have to go through when I'm done. It's amazing. I prayed hard for an open mind because I was scared it would be like being endowed for the first time again. But I wasn't freaked out or upset and I'm really looking forward to going again. (I so miss being in my temple and working as an ordinance worker. And yes, I almost always say "my" now.) I bought a temple bag, but it's rather small and the zipper is pathetic. Still, I get to use my own gear.

Sister Clayton

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