Wednesday, May 11, 2011

31 March 2011

Sister Ishijima's dad and oldest of her three younger brothers are here for Conference. I don't know how it happened but they were in President's office and he and Sister Holmes and the APs were there. We had a little chat and basically President told us that we could spend as much time with them as they needed/wanted, etc. We took them through God's Plan (a cool thing for families) and we're giving them the full-blown-all-out-everything-included tour tomorrow.   Tomorrow is when the Conference madness really starts. Friday through Monday we're on the Square all day. 20 minutes for meals. I'm anxious. Both kinds. Excited and totally dreading it. I'm just used to the quiet, the time, and all of that. This weekend is going to be loud, packed, and FAST. But I can't wait. I don't know which session we'll be in, I'm hoping it's Saturday, preferably afternoon. That always seems to be my favourite.
    I can't believe it's week 5!! I'm so sad about the sisters that are leaving. Almost all the closest of the friends I've made are going home this transfer. The zone leaders, my trainer, Sister Terry. Half the people I know are leaving. But that's the mission, especially here. Always changing.

Sister Clayton

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