Wednesday, May 11, 2011

2 March 2011 - Mission President's Letter

2 March 2011
Utah Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission

Dear Parents
Your daughter arrived on Temple Square in good health and fine spirits.  Sister Holmes and I enjoyed extending to her a personal welcome.  As a missionary, your daughter will teach many people of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the basic beliefs of the Church, as many thousands of guests visit Temple Square each year.

Temple Square provides shared housing for each missionary.  Apartments are located in desirable neighborhoods.  They are well maintained and within walking distance of Temple Square. Additionally, each is equipped with a washer dryer.  Competent medical staff is available should your daughter require these services.

Missionaries are encouraged to write home weekly, preferably via email.  Letters from home are important to and welcomed by your daughter.  When you write, if relying on postal delivery, please address your letters as follows, as her residence will change several times during her stay here.

Sister Holmes and I look forward to serving with your daughter.

With warmth and respect
Michael H Holmes, President
Utah Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission

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  1. Missionary here.

    Awww! Best mission president ever!!!