Wednesday, May 11, 2011

3 April 2011 General Conference

It’s now 10:00pm on Sunday.  General Conference is officially over.

  I LOVE CONFERENCE!  We are all on such a high right now.  I can’t even describe it.  This is the kind of joy Doctrine and Covenants 18 must be talking about.  And this is just for potential referrals - the official name for referrals from members.  We haven’t even met, let alone baptized these people and I am FLYING.  I have never been so happy.  So I should probably explain.

Conference Weekend is all about the members.  With our calling program here (calling non-members anywhere in the world and teaching/offering a free gift from the Church to them by the missionaries), it is so important to get referrals from members.  And that’s what General Conference is focused on - uplifting the members and helping/getting their help with missionary work.  As a mission, we set a goal for how many potential referrals we will get from Friday to Sunday.  A year ago, the goal was 3,000 - killed it (mission-speak for success).  Last October it was 5,000 - killed it.  So this year, after a lot of prayer, etc., the goal was set at 6,000 potential referrals.  Honestly, there were times I thought we couldn’t make it.  But President and the APs are right - we don’t even know our potential!  We got.....are you ready for this?......6,455!!  I’m screaming and cheering inside just thinking about it.

We had a fireside kind of thing tonight to close the weekend.  President had us invite the people who gave us potentials to come as well.  We met in the Tabernacle.  It was the most amazing thing.  First, when we sang ‘We Thank Thee O God For A Prophet’ and one verse of ‘The Spirit of God’ as prelude - no piano/organ - CHILLS.  And the APs just...they’re amazing.  There was lots of cheering, applauding, testifying and a spirit that just fills you to the core.  Not unlike when the Prophet walked into the Conference Center this afternoon.  As soon as he enters the room, the CC goes silent and everyone stands up.  Awesome.  For now, my voice hurts, my feet are numb and I’m way too happy to sleep.  But we get to sleep in until 9 tomorrow!  Jesus Christ lives and I am honored to wear His name.  I want every day to feel like this.

Sister Clayton

PS - All my love to Brother Morgan and everyone at Institute.  Apparently most of Institute just wrote me.  I love it.
  Brother Morgan - you're the greatest, ever!  Miss you!

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