Thursday, May 12, 2011

13 April 2011 Transfers!

Surprise! Guess who survived her first transfer?? And guess who's trainer is home in Japan by now? And who's new compy used to live in Temecula/Murrieta (but claims Palmyra, NY since that's where she was living before the mission)? Yep, that'd be your missionary. So pdays are Wednesday, I'm in the Beehive House, and I'm living in the spiffier apartments behind the main apartment building. Oh and her new companion is Sister G. She's awesome. Already. Getting a new companion is much less stressful the second time round.

Yay for packages! I love how often y'all send packages. It's very much a greenie thing, but I love it. Besides, President Brown (MTC Pres) counseled us to always stay green. So keep the goodies coming. ;P

Sister Clayton

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