Wednesday, May 11, 2011

7 April 2011 Post Conference and Austin

Guess what?  I'm driving. Yeah, your missionary is now a missionary driver. It's scary. But I figured it would be better to do it than not. And I absolutely love Sister S now.  She's one of the sisters in the companionship in charge of driving, etc. We call them Fleet. Sister S was the one I passed off with. The "test" includes driving to the airport, Walmart, and then home.

You can’t imagine how down and disappointing Monday was after the high of General Conference Weekend.  But I hope I’ve changed because of the experience - that I’ll be wanting to talk to everyone and have a greater desire to share our message with everyone.  Funnily enough, Sister C committed us to invite everyone we contact.  The day after Conference was so weird.  But that's because we got to sleep in till 9, they provided dinner, and we watched a movie that night. Secretariat. Disney, but based on a true story and actually pretty good.

I promised to write you about Austin.  We weren’t the first sisters to meet him, actually.  One of our current APs took him on a tour and recently he’s been talking to Sister K and B, from Korea and Australia respectively.  Austin is from Korea, although he grew up in the States (hence talking to Sister K a lot).  Then we met him when we were on exchanges with Sister C.  He was trying to get a (free) Book of Mormon for his friend.  We talked to him, answering questions and trying to get a referral for him or his friend, addressed his concerns, etc., and finally just gave him a referral card with our names and number.  He called us about a week later, maybe less.  When we called him back, his story had changed from “I read the Book of Mormon twice and *shrug* I didn’t get an answer” to admitting that when he read it the second time he felt something.  He as good as testified that he knows Joseph Smith was a prophet.  He said that he didn’t believe Joseph could have written it on his own, that a normal man couldn’t have written is w/out God’s help.  Austin has done a lot of “research” about the Church, met the missionaries in North Dakota where he is going to school, and even gone to church once there.  But his experience with the ND missionaries and ward wasn’t that great.  He loves the Temple Square sisters, though.  Because we’re so dedicated and enthusiastic about what we do.  He’s served a few missions for his Christian church.  He even wants to serve a mission if he can when (sorry if) he joins our church.  We spent a huge chunk of that first phone call talking about missions, etc.  To make an awesome story short, every time we talk to Austin he is stronger and more ready to be baptized.  Not in any extreme way, but enough for us to notice it.  Now he has met his bishop, gone to church, watched some of General Conference, met the new missionaries in his area, and is going to decide for sure by Sunday whether or not he will be baptized.  I was worried when he put a date on it, but he’s going about the decision in the right way.  He is praying and reading the Book of Mormon every day.  He said that his decision will be what the Lord wants.

You can see why we’re so excited.  He keeps every commitment and he is really progressing.  It is amazing.  I’m worried about continuing with our investigators when I___ leaves, but I’m sure it’ll be ok.

To my Facebook friends: Conference is amazing.  Members are really the reason missionary work moves forward.  Thanks for trusting us with your friends.  Utah weather is insane!  Happy Spring!

Time to go. I have to get compy to pack so she'll be ready for Wednesday. I can't believe it's already week 6. And she's going home next week. This time next week I'll have a new companion, zone, and probably Pday, too.


Sister Clayton

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