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10 March 2011 UT SLC TS

Me and Sister I - what we love to talk about

Out for P-day

Me and Sister I at Work
We might have gone to the Temple today but my companion had a training meeting this morning. It was fun, I got to be on the Square with Sister M and ... her companion (I know her name, but I couldn't spell it). It was so much fun. They are really awesome and so funny. Anyway, about family history. We actually gave a tour to a guy this morning who was interested in family history. His name is Steve and he was the greatest. Love him. Agnostic, but very open and really liked the things we were talking about. When we offered to have missionaries bring him a BoM, he even said that he was going to ask how he could get a copy. Funny thing, we gave another tour just after that to another guy named Steve. Not as successful in terms of referrals, but just as awesome.
    My first couple days here in the field were really hard. Now, though, it's amazing and I've realized that I can miss home (I should miss home) but it doesn't have to keep me from giving my all to the work. I hadn't really listened to Jericho Road yet, but a couple of the sisters working in the office (in the secret underground lair of Temple Square) were listening to it yesterday when we passed by. So I was listening to a bunch last night and a bit this morning.   As far as scripture study, I love that this week is parables for Gospel Doctrine in my parent's ward. I've been reading Luke in personal study and I'm almost finished. I have definitely noticed that you don't have to dig too deep to understand/apply parables. It amazes me that He made it so clear who He was and what would happen, but no one saw or understood.

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