Wednesday, May 11, 2011

3 March 2011 UT SLC Temple Square

Email to the parents
First email from your official missionary! Woot! Got here early-ish yesterday, had donuts, met Sister Holmes, got our stuff, met the president, and (officially) the APs, met our trainers, had pizza, went to work, went to the great and spacious (weird!! shopping! at Walmart!), unpacked, slept like the dead. That was pretty much my day. And we really were dead by the end of it. You'll be getting a picture of me and the awesome President and Sister Holmes in a letter soon. The "your daughter got here safe" letter. I guess the picture is proof ;)

I love you. Apparently I'm emotional at the moment. Just writing right now makes me want to cry. But I'm here now and I've gotta be strong. It's just going to take time (probably a lot of it) to adjust to being out of the MTC and especially having a new companion and new roommates (didn't help that I started unpacking in the wrong room last night). I love my trainer though. Sister I_____ from Japan. She's really sweet and I'm learning a lot. Music!! I can listen to music again! So happy. I missed music. Oh! I did got a thing from the Sunbeams yesterday. I love that Sister Cowles sent stuff to get here on all my first days. Thanks for passing on my notes. I love Brother Morgan. He really is the best.

Sister I____ and I were just in the Referral Center - where we call potential referrals (what we get from members), follow up on people we've sent church materials to, and do the chats. We spent an hour chatting to an English guy about why we don't drink tea. That was fun. I almost don't think he was for real. Hard to tell.

So tired. I can hardly think at all right now. If this email makes sense that will be my miracle for the day. I thought the first few days of the MTC were bad - this is ridiculous! (It's really weird not to have to worry about a bright red count down in the top corner of the screen.) Oh! So on the 18th we're going to be doing a tour in Japanese. Yeah! I'm gonna introduce myself, do lots of smiling and nodding, then (if I even learn how) give a very butchered version of my testimony in something resembling Japanese. Fun. Actually I'm excited. I'll probably understand my companion better when she's speaking her native language. Funny how that works.

Look out for the newbies at the MB for me. Tell them how much I love them, etc. Especially if you see Sister S. Tell her I miss her laugh ... just that I miss her. It's so weird that they're home ... that they're in S__D__, I mean. More just that they're not with us anymore. I'm really glad, though, that there's 12 others I can commiserate and hopefully keep a connection with while I'm here. It was fun to hang out with Sister W__ and Sister S__ (one of our roommates from the MTC) last night while Sister W__ unpacked. (We were supposed to be unpacking, too, but we'd been told not to be alone and our companions were still here so the three of us stuck together - not having been told that on our first night we're allowed to be alone if the doors are open.) We had tons of fun though, I love being with them. President (I think it was him) told us that the most important person here is your companion. Still, being able to talk to the people I started out with, who know me best, is great. Having other sisters who are on the same level (of confusion and exhaustion) is comforting.
I love you. I really miss you all right now. But I'm sucking it up and giving it my all, so don't be worried. I'll try to write letters sometime later. Love you!!!

Sister Clayton

President and Sister Holmes - Love them!

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