Monday, October 3, 2011

October General Conference 2011

General Conference results. Total Potential Referrals from members: 9,222.

We're going to die next Conference, if we have to out-do that total. But we'll love it. Day One we only got 2,000-something so we had a mission meeting the next morning. President pumped us up (after some ... analysing of our ... obstacles) and the theme became don't ask them to do what you wouldn't do yourself and we all had to give at least one name. It changed a lot after thinking of potentials I could give. Speaking of. I need some phone numbers now. (wink)  If there's anyone you get a prompting for, just send me phone numbers and I'll call. Well, if I don't know them already, if I do then you'll get to get a call from someone here asking you about them before they call. And I know you'd love that. SisterS loved talking to you about your co-worker, mom.   (Don't worry, SisterS will definitely be coming to visit.)

The hard part of General Conference was that transfers were just before, and SisterS was at the end of her missionary service.  But President asked her entire class to stay an extra 5 days and work GC weekend.  Not a hard choice!  After all, I stayed up late and got up at 4 in the morning to walk down to the garage with her and say goodbye. Sunday night was so depressing. No lying about that one. But they're gone and it's a new transfer and we all move on. It's hard to have most of my closest friends and all of my companions gone, either on outbound or at the end of their missionary time.  But my zone is cool and there are still plenty of sisters I love here. Anyway. My point was that while change is good, I'll never stop hating it.  My mission teaches me to shut up and deal with it.

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