Sunday, October 2, 2011

1 September 2011: Messages, Personal Study and Christmas Lights

My companion, SisterS from Mexico, is an Apostle magnet.  She’s met/seen at least half of them.  And on Tuesday, August 30th, we saw President Packer.  The South VC (Visitor's Center) was closed randomly with about an hour’s warning for an hour in the early afternoon.  We came back from lunch/cake baking around 3, so we went to put our things downstairs, but the South was still closed.  (it was supposed to open at 2:45)  We were just noticing the Aps, a few ZLs (Zone Leaders) and the security guard at the door, when we turned and……well, hello, President Packer!  There were a couple sisters a few steps ahead with a tour and just waved and smiled as his 4-5 guard escort wheeled him into the South.  I was so brain numbed from the realization of “that’s Pres Packer” that all I could do was slightly smile, wave and nod back.  SO COOL!  We have already decided that since it’s her last transfer, we’re going to meet the Prophet.

From Personal Study:  1John 5.  It just… blew my mind this morning.  It just clicked.  Not the “oh, I understand everything now” kind of click, more the “I understand, maybe it means this, hmm, it’s kind of like that scripture…hey, maybe I can do this to…”, etc.   I love how one scripture leads to another to another, etc.  1John seems really awesome and I love 5:3 (For this is the love of god, that we keep his commandments; and his commandments are not grievous) when it says basically that the commandments are easy.  It was referenced in Matthew…the scripture that says “my yoke is easy” (Matthew 11:30 – For my yoke is easy and my burden is light)

People comments:
   Awwww, Ethan!  There are times when I really miss those kids, and The Twins.  Sorry I missed Ethan's family when they were here.  That was when Compy was sick.  I have several notes they left and I keep them with me.  Kjersta - it doesn’t matter how “late” a letter is, I love getting them.  Definitely send stuff.  And seriously – Emma is incredible.  Watching her grow….I definitely want a daughter like her.

  Brother Clement I am so happy you are working in the Temple.  It’d be awesome if I got to work the same time when I get home.  My Friday Morning Shift is calling!  Hopefully next P-day we’ll get to the temple.  We couldn’t today because of the motorcoach tour and mission meeting – we’ve already started counting down and prepping for General Conference.  I share about Br Clement and his wife and the Cash’s quite a bit.  They’ve inspired many a visitor here – members, non-members and other missionaries.

   WOW – L1 – thanks for the novel!  It took two stamps! Tons of your half-page stationary front and back! I'll write you today of course, but you are an amazing sister. I can't complain after getting massive stuff like that.  I talk about you and your family detective work at least a few times a week.  People are very impressed with the 500+ people you have found.  And huzzah for that number being too low!

I love that God has an order to things.  That comes up a lot in the things we planned regarding things our guests would have this last week.  “Why can’t you go in the Temple?  Well, God has a plan and He requires us to do things in a certain order, etc.”  If anyone has good scriptures about that, please share them with me, because that question comes up A LOT.

They're putting up the Christmas lights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like I'm Ethan's age. Oh my goodness. You should just see me. I seriously feel like a little kid. I love Christmas!!!  I can’t wait for the holidays.  From Halloween to New Year’s is going to be the best, at least that’s what I’m expecting.  And if I go into it like that, it can’t fail being amazing.

Conference!!! We just started a Conference count down this morning. So weird! That means I'll have been on Temple Square for 6 months and out for 7. I feel old and like a baby all at once. (The countdown is hard for the departing sisters though, it's a count to when they leave. Really hard to keep compy's mind off of that sometimes.)  And don't forget - if you have the name/phone number of any relative or friend who would like a Book of Mormon or Church video, pass that info along to your local missionaries.  You can do it!  Everyone knows someone!

Loving the Work

Sister Clayton

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