Sunday, October 2, 2011

18 August 2011 - Transfers, etc.

I think it's obvious what my first news should be. I'm sitting with my new companion ... Sister A. S. from Mexico! I was so happy. She was in my district when I was with Sister Mz and I love her. I'm also back living in DA which is really fun. Well, not so much with the bathrooms, but you can hang out with more sisters, borrow stuff easier, you don't have to walk the extra hill, and it's easy to go down to the garage/dungeon for exercise. I like my room and my new roommates, Sister H and her trainee from New Zealand, Sister K. The Kiwi is so awesome.

Our assignment this time is back in South 2! Yay for Square time. Our assignment is opening and closing the Joseph Smith movie here in the JSMB. It's nice to go back to an assignment I know and to get better at it.  Only 4 went outbound this time. Sister Li went to Alabama (which is cosmically awesome because Mg trained her and went to the same mission on her outbound), Sister A from Vegas and my beloved Sister S from MD are now in New Hampshire, and *drumroll* Sister G is in Houston South! I was so excited for her. And the funny thing is - that's Mg's mission. The sister that just got back from there was serving in Mg's old ward. So they we're already talking about how she's going to find her and they'll go on splits, she'll give them rides, etc. It was fun. It's so weird, though. Now I finally get what Sister G was talking about when she told me how weird it is when the people coming back from outbound are ones you know pretty well.

Transfer Conference! My goodness. So much fun. I won't give details cause I don't know how much time I have, but it was so cool. We met in the Tabernacle and we got to sit in the choir seats, get the lowdown on the organ from Clay Christianson, and got the backstage tour of the Tabernacle. It was like a behind the scenes of the Paris Opera House or something. The womens dressing room is underneath the lawn between the Tab and the Assembly Hall. The lair down there is huge!  I'll get pictures from one of the other sisters. Stupid me didn't grab my camera when we went up to the choir seats.

Love the Work
Sister Clayton

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