Wednesday, November 9, 2011

20 October 2011 -- A Funny Story?

I’m going to tell you a funny story.  
Picture this:  
It’s Sunday.  It’s early, early in the morning and you wake up because people in the apartment building next door are yelling.  There are lots of shouts of “Get out!” mixed with the f-word and various names.  This is going on for about 5 minutes that you’re conscious of.  Then there is banging at the door.  Your roommate opens it and a zone leader tells you there’s a fire next door and everyone needs to evacuate.  Here we go again.  You get your companion awake and think what you need to grab.  Laptop?  Don’t have one.  Mr. Beary?  Not here.  Shoes, need shoes.  Well, those I’ve got.  You throw on tennies and a sweatshirt, get your companion to put shoes on, grab the keys and head out.  You go downstairs, following the line of pajama-clad sisters outside and up the hill.  Great.  Sprinklers.  And they’re hitting the path you’ve got to go through.  RUN.  You follow where the sisters ahead are running, to avoid the freezing blast of freezing water and finally make it up to the parking lot in front of GP(the other apartments).  Okay.  Now what.  Zones.  Split into zones.  Both your companionships are with you.  Yeah, they’re still the best.  SOUTH 1!  Naturally the ZLs show up last.  Wake up everybody in GP.  Freaking Cold!  Huddle in your zone and just wait for the APs to tell us what’s next.  Everyone’s here, and now we’re all going to pray our building doesn’t burn.  Of course, Sanders would start singing Spirit of God.
Sound fun so far?
Basically we’re there waiting for an hour while they put the fire out and clear the building.  After a while, sisters in my zone start singing hymns.  It was nice.  We were all huddling and singing, etc.  President came, told us there wouldn’t be Sacrament Meeting so we could sleep in, and sent us all to bed.  I think all of us felt instantly….safe...and peaceful the second he showed up.  So we went back to bed and spend the day swapping stories.  Good times.  Now it’s just a fun story we all talk about.

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