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20 October 2011 What I do with my day, Temple Square Style!

Hiya!  Sitting on my bed with the windows open, wearing jeans and a Woot! Shirt and listening to cds almost makes me feel like I’m at home, not just P-day.  Strange how comfortable that make me.  It’s nice to feel at home in my home away from home.
I got a few really cool inbound  calls this week.  Time to explain the RC to you.  When we’re not on the Square, we’re in the call centers.  There we either teach or make “RC call”.  Teaching is somewhat self-explanatory.  We set appointments with investigators and have a short lesson with them over the phone.  We follow up, extend commitments/invitaions, have kneeling prayer, the whole shebang.  And all in 10-15 minutes.  I’d like to see other missions do that!  And that’s teaching.  Right now the big thing is changing our focus to baptism.  Before, it was IRC, which stand for Investigator Referral Confirmed and means they are meeting with local missionaries.  But our prupose is preparing the elect for baptism, etc.  Our new…thing:  we find, we teach to baptize, we baptize to seal.

(Best part of P-day.  When my Kiwi cooks and insists on feeding me.  Mmmmmmmm.  Just potatoes and chicken, but it is darn good. ♥)

Now RC.  RC stands for Referral Center.  This is where we call referrals from members.  And call members to get information about their friends/family, as well as report on how the calls went.  So when someone calls you to ask about your people, they’re doing RC.  When we call member referrals, the overall objective is to invite them to meet with local missionaries.  We try to go by what we call the Contacting Model (which we also use for the Square).  Here it is:

Contacting Model

Establish a relationship of trust
(who you are, why you’re calling, get to know them, crack a dumb joke)

Create environment to teach
(PMG pg 107 Briefly teach to their need, usually from lesson 1 and usually the Restoration or eternal families.  Key: brief and clear)
Teach & Testify
(PMG pg 107 Briefly teach to their need, usually from lesson 1 and usually the Restoration or eternal families.  Key: brief and clear)
(Invite them to learn more from local missionaries.  Promise blessings specific to them.  If they say yes – get their infor and make teaching appointment.  If not:)
(ask why they said no, find concern , address concern, invite again)

And that’s what we try to do.  In 10 minutes.  Talking to a complete stranger.  The thing is, it's not as terrifying….no, scratch that.  It is as terrifying as it sounds, but it's not as terrible.  I’ve talked to some amazing people.  And they never think it’s as weird as you think they will.  (Bad grammar, I know.  Sorry Otter.)  I like what Elder Holland says on PMG  pg 8 (I’m applying it a little differently), if they don’t refer “the first thing you do…is be devastated!”  It’s true.  “teach with power and authority and then be devastated” if they don’t accept missionaries.  But we move on.  And that is the RC.

 And now you’re remembering that I mentioned “inbounds”.  Mmm.  The fun part.  Inbounds come from two sources: and Pass Along Cards (media inbounds, technically speaking).  Those come to us and other Visitor Centers (but mostly to us).  The are honestly trollers most of the time; just pranking, arguing or being insincere.  But media inbounds are usually great.  They call because they actually want something: a Bible, Book of Mormon, a DVD about Christ, families or the Retoration, or a visit from the missionaries.  We take their information, teach a principle (again, Restoration is standard and most effective – duh), invite them to get their –whatever- from the local missionaries in person and learn more about the gospel, and then call them later to check if they got the item.

So that’s what we do in the lair, I mean Call Center.  I still like thinking of our mission office as The Secret Lair of Temple Square.  The offices (of the Presidency, APs and OAs), guest services, one call center, the kitchen and several study rooms are in the basement of the South Visitor’s Center.  It’s fun to “emerge” and guests look at you funny because you basically appeared out of nowhere when you came up the stairs.

I’ve discovered something since I’ve been here.  I have an almost entirely different experience as a missionary (and temple patron of my age) because of my 3 months as a temple worker.  My roommates were asking about all sorts of stuff related to me having worked in the temple.  I have more understanding about how things work there than anyone my age.  Obviously not about the things that actually happen.  I counted back in my first transfer and by that time (not sure if I included the times at the MTC), and I had gone through approximatelly 30 sessions as a patron or ordinance worker.  What 21 year old can say that?  Granted, I wish I had done more with that time, but nobody is perfect.  Anyway, it just struck me yesterday that I am really lucky.

President Hansen’s letter included the pew aerobics section of Stake Conference.  Huzzah for the new High Council members.  It will be fun to have Brother Little come to our ward.  And I know Brother Keller will enjoy working in Young Mens.  And Pres Hansen included a personal note about loving a picture Mom showed him.  Is she carrying them around in her purse?  Jeez.  I’m glad he got to see a picture.
Hard to believe, but in two weeks, I will have served half my mission.  Wow.

Another quick note.  Went shopping and got two Christmas cds: Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby.  Yep, I’m a very happy missionary.  Bing’s cd even has his song with Bowie.  And Frank’s has a medley he did for a WWII broadcast.  I am a VERY happy missionary.

You have no idea how happy I am that there was no Stake Presidency change.  
He just has to make it through one more and I’m safe.  I know that since I want it so badly it’ll
probably happen just the opposite.  I love President Hansen so much.

Update on your wandering missionary.  Compy got her Visa to Brazil and I am now part of a trio.
New Companions:    Sister F from China
                                  Sister V from Sweden
New Apartment:        a mattress in their room
New Zone:                 None.  Still a District Leader, too

My New Companions, Sisters F&V

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