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27 October 2011 The Emergency Room

I want to respond to stuff, but it's probably more important to tell you what happened this week. I had my first trip to the emergency room!  Don't freak out, I'm totally fine.....Now.
Here's the brief details:
I woke up Tuesday morning at 2:30am with a twinging pain in my left side, just above my hip. I tried to ignore it, thinking it was just a cramp. Spirit-prompting #1: I went to the bathroom, somehow thinking that would help, and passed out twice. I knew I wasn't on my period (pretty much the only times I've passed out before were due to that) so the "Houston, we have a problem" button came on. I was white as a sheet and drained, so I tried to lay down again. Obviously, that didn't work. Now comes the stupid prayer with the intelligent answer I'd already known. I prayed to be healed and was told to call my zone leaders. Duh. By now it's 3:00am and I called Sisters H and C. So glad they're my ZLs. You have no idea. They're crazy, but so wonderful. So we played phone pong (not quite tag) for a while from me to the ZLs, the ZLs to the APs (who called President), and back down the line to me, who was now feeling increasingly nauseous. So the ZLs told me that the APs were coming to take me to the hospital. (Delayed) Spiritual-prompting#2: That's about when I woke up my companions (SisterV later gave me lots of grief for not waking them up sooner). And just after that, I started throwing up. *side note: This is sounding a lot worse than when it actually happened. But I was pretty darn miserable in that hour before we got to the hospital.* The APs came and I somehow had the presence of mind to ask what I would need. Medical card. Thanks to not listening to the prompting I had the night before to take all my stuff home, my wallet was still at the Square. Yes, even missionaries can be really, really dumb. Super dumb. Still totally embarrassed about how dumb that decision was. But I digress. The APs went to the Square to grab my wallet (which was useful when I had to pay the $10 copay later) and came back to take us all to the hospital.

Sheesh, this is a long story. So we got to the hospital, and while the dear lady at the desk is trying to check me in, I throw up again. I'm sure they've dealt with worse, cause it got absolutely no reaction (that I noticed in the less-than-coherent state I was in). At least this has cool bags instead of bed pans. Anyway. Kelsie was my nurse and I absolutely love her. It's probably 4 in the morning by then and she was great. She gets my vitals, etc, and they wheel me in to room 6. It was a nice little room. I get into my gown and get my first EKG while Kelsie draws a few vials of blood. I wonder if Mom used to be like me, before she knew everything about hospitals. I was asking the woman doing the EKG what it was, etc. And when Kelsie had to get more blood later (much later, after they'd put in the IV) because one of the samples clotted, I asked her about what blood clots are. It was funny that I'd just been in tons of pain and throwing up, but I was strangely calm and everything. Actually, I realized after a while that since they had checked me and gotten into the room that the pain was gone.

Moving on. Dr S.Welch (whom I also love a ton now) came in after a while, asked more questions about the pain and where it was, etc, and told me that it was a problem with my kidney. It was either a stone or an infection. They just needed to do the tests, etc to find out which one. I think this is when there was a bunch of waiting around happening. And when I got the IV so they could start pumping fluids into me. I remember because I already had the IV in when Daniel came to do a CAT scan. (I'm really happy I remembered names from that morning.) So I've had my first CAT scan. I'm finally catching up to the rest of my family (especially mom).  Sorry, too much levity

A little before 5:30 the APs swapped with my companions since there are only 2 visitors allowed at a time. And of course, who should brake this rule 20 minutes later. President. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

I updated the APs on what was happening and we talked and joked for a while. When they got my wallet, they had also grabbed my camera, so I have a couple pictures of me smiling away in my hospital bed. Yeah. Only at Temple Square. Well, probably not I guess, but it's not surprising for us.  We're a little camera happy.  Anyway. Then President came. Already in his suit. At quarter to 6 in the morning. Again, probably not surprising. And of course he came in kind of joking about why we were there. But it's impossible to take that seriously when you know President. And when he's giving you a kiss on the forehead as he does it.

After a little while Dr Welch came in, probably 6:15ish, and told us that it was for sure a kidney infection. So I was getting a prescription for the antibiotic pills, and I would need to come back the next couple mornings to get another IV antibiotic to kill the infection fast. President and the APs left after a while and Kelsie came back to give me some pain meds, nausea meds, my prescription, and my discharge papers. I'm really happy it was her on duty that morning. She was fun, funny, and really sweet. And really good at answering the few questions I had.

We talked with President in the lobby for a bit to get further instructions and I went back yesterday and this morning. Yesterday they gave me the second IV and left it in (I thought) so they could do one more this morning. Nope. I had to deal with that thing in the most awkward spot just so the doctor this morning could tell me I didn't need it. Oh well. I'm just happy I'm better and the sisters will stop reacting to me like I'm going to die. Well, I can't blame my zone for it. President arranged a trip to the Bountiful Temple and Tuesday was when our zone was scheduled. Obviously, without us. And I've been at home for two days. You'll be happy to hear that I slept most of yesterday, and when I wasn't asleep I didn't leave my mattress. (Having a mattress on the floor really isn't different than sleeping on a bed. Who knew?)

So I'm finishing the pills and having a check up with the mission doctor in a couple weeks. I haven't been in any pain (except headaches [not an unusual occurance] and feeling slightly nauseous the first day) and I'm being a good girl about resting and taking my meds. I had no problem following orders from President and Mama Holmes to take as much rest as I needed yesterday.

President and Elder Young gave me a blessing yesterday, too. When we came out, Sister Holmes was there and that was the first I'd seen her since it happened. She was more serious, with being a little ... not angry, but ... just serious ... than President was that first morning. But I gave her all the info and she hugged me tight, gave me a kiss, and made it clear that I was to take as much rest as I needed. Love her so much. I haven't seen her as much recently. Anyway. I think that's everything.

I'll send pictures of the whole experience next week. I actually thought everyone might get a laugh from me in my cute hospital gown. I was surprisingly awake for how early it was. Hospitals do that, I guess.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

More happy stuff. I missed my year mark! A year and one week ago I was endowed at the San Diego Temple!!!!! And in 6 days I'll have been on my mission for 9 months! So weird! I'm already halfway through. Bizarre.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

*Side note:  Glug glug glug - that's the sound of me now drinking more water!  No more kidney infections for me!

Sister Clayton

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