Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy Independence, 2012!

     You will be very happy to hear that SisterB and I hosted a kick-butt, stars-and-stripes, grand ol' PARTAY in our patriotized apartment tonight.  It was SO much fun and I have plenty of photographic and video evidence.  I bought Stars&Stripes Funfetti to make cupcakes and we used EVERYTHING in the ID4 box.  Thank you so much for the party box!  Switching to an ID4 theme was inspired.  I think we all needed this.  We didn't think we'd get to celebrate tomorrow, so we really enjoyed the chance to party.  Of course we just found out that we're having a musical thing tomorrow night and we're going to get to.....ready? this is AWESOME for us......WATCH FIREWORKS!  Last year we played in the park, but weren't allowed to watch fireworks.  So I am super excited.
     Everyone loved the:
  • decorations
  • lemonade
  • beach ball (SisterD and I played some interesting soccer with that)
  • tub of teddy grahams
and especially......homemade frosting!

I've been thinking (or rather "am currently" thinking) about why I was so willing to get super patriotic for ID4, when most of the time I act like I'd rather be from the Mother Country.  I'm not really sure I have an answer.  Despite how much I love Britannia, I guess I am proud to be from the Promised Land.  My patriarchal blessing does mention my being blessed to have grown up in this country.  Guess it is more than the family history love coming to pass from that blessing.

Days like today are why I don't want July 18th to happen.  I'm ready for all most that being home implies.  But the "going" - that's hard.  Leaving this experience for the things that come next?  It's like high school all over again.  You're excited for what you think college will be like, but you're terrified of leaving the security, comfort, routine and friends of high school.

Anyhow.  Time to write a quick response to ElderH and head to bed.  Yes, I'm writing an elder from outbound.  It's fun.  Currently we're discussing how terrible I am at frequent correspondence, and funny tracting stories.  He's going to visit SoCal when he gets home and we [me, SisterL & ElderH] are all going to hang out.  Should be fun!

Proudly independently yours,
Sister Clayton

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