Saturday, March 17, 2012

I'm Home!

On the I-15North, just south of TSquare

Fooled you!

Back home again in SLC!  Just a quick hi to let you know I got here safe and sound.

So. The Square feels totally different. A huge majority of the sisters on the square are new. Just in their first couple transfers. Like my companion. Sister L. from Spokane, WA came in the same time I left. I'm back in extended and our assignment is West Gate. It's fun. You'll get more details after I get the hang of it, etc. Same routine. She's blonde, hard working, and unfailingly happy. Kinda what I need right now. Adjusting is harder than I thought. President Gillette is great, but I miss my Presidents. I even came to feel about as much for President Bulloch as I did for President Holmes. I just miss the Holmes' so much. I felt bad, but when Sister Gillette was welcoming us back and talking about feeling a hole in their hearts because they didn't know us yet I just couldn't help feeling the hole that should be filled with hugs and kisses from Sister Holmes. Trust me, I'm going to love them just as much, I know that. But right now it's tough. I really miss President and Mama Holmes. And it's a blessing and a curse to have a companion who barely knew them. Anyway. I'm doing okay. I'm just going to have to visit Sandy when I get to the Y.

But, in all I'm doing much the same as every time something changes with transfers. You miss the old, embrace the new, and you keep doing what you do. That's just the way of the "world" here at the Square. Change happens. And that's a big reason of why I'm here.  Change is good, but you have to choose to see it that way.

Oh.  Sister Gillette has started a Temple Square blog!  Check it out here.

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